It All Starts Here!

We are not your doctor.  We do not diagnose.  What we can do is support you on your journey to exceptional health!  Our nutrition services are geared to help you understand your body and plan your way to a vibrant life full of energy and happiness. We help you translate the science of nutrition into practical applications for every day healthy eating, tailored specifically to your body.  Results?  Benefits o'plenty! Including weight loss, disease prevention, and increased energy to get you through your busy days.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

up to 90 minutes - $95

We'll review the information you've sent in advance (food journal, lifestyle assessment, medical history) so I can gain a clear picture of your current situation. Then we'll work together to set your goals in detail and provide you with preliminary recommendations to support your health.

Whole Food Coaching

up to 90 minutes - $95

We will discuss your current eating habits and make a plan to transition you slowly to a whole food style of eating. This time provides you with an opportunity to ask all your questions and you'll be sent a one-week menu plan.

Any Follow-Up Consultation

up to 30 minutes - $45

We will get together again for a 30-minute follow up to determine what the next steps are for you. We will tweak your current plan  to help you move forward successfully.

Personalized Diet & Meal Plan

up to 90 minutes - $95

Prior to your appointment you will have completed and submitted a 5-day Food Diary.  During the consultation we will discuss your food allergies, likes, dislikes, and more so that we can build a 7-day meal plan tailored completely to YOU!

You will take home a meal plan,  and a detailed shopping list to make your food life so easy!

   Seminars,   Workshops   &   Team Building  Cooking Classes  

 hire us for wellness presentations!  


We love to facilitate group discussions, Q&As or presentations on so many interesting topics like: Healthy Eating, Heart-Healthy Eating, the Value of Cleansing/Detoxing, Healthy Options for On-the-Go Professionals. We can also tailor the presentation to your group's interests.

Or you could come to our kitchen where we will put you and your team/family/friends through a lively, energetic, hands-on, healthy food creation challenge!

Interested?  Give us a call:  519-671-8845 (ask for Therese)